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5 Must-Have Products to Protect + Repair Your Hair

5 must-have products to protect & repair your hair

Winter has come and gone, and a brand new season is here with summer on it’s way! With all of the different seasonal changes and elements that come with it, my hair can sometimes get damaged along the way. Between the winter wind and central heating, or the summer sun and hot temperatures, my hair can start to feel dry, brittle, full of static, frizzy, and I notice more split ends along with the dreaded “hair fall”, where my hair won’t hold any curl or shape. On top of the damage that these seasons can bring, I’m typically adding my own hair routine to it by blowdrying and using a curling wand. That means that my hair gets it’s fair share of damage during these seasons if I don’t use proper hair care protection.

pantene foam conditioner

pantene foam conditioner

I’ve learned over the years how to best protect and repair my hair with different products that moisturize, replenish and protect. The first step I take is in the shower where I shampoo my hair with Pantene Pro-V’s Breakage Defense Shampoo and Breakage Defense Foam Conditioner. The Breakage Defense formula that they use has Vitamin E which helps provide deep nourishment to fight against damage and for noticeably healthier looking hair. I love that the Breakage Defense Foam Conditioner is so lightweight and doesn’t weigh my hair down being that my hair is naturally really fine and can become flat if I use traditional cream conditioners.

After I get out of the shower, I spray a leave-in conditioner/detangler called “Repair & Protect” by Pantene. Given my naturally fine hair, it gets tangled so easily, so it’s difficult to comb through if I don’t use a conditioner/detangler when I get out of the shower. This formula is specifically made with anti-oxidants to help reduce protein loss so hair stays strong against damage. I just spray it evenly over my damp hair and comb through, never rinsing it out.

Next step in my process is applying a beauty balm cream called “Breakage Defense” by Pantene that helps repair smoothness and leaves my hair feeling silky soft. You simply apply 1-2 pumps to damp hair and spread through. It’s so easy and really makes such a huge difference for healthy, beautiful hair. After using this cream I follow my usual hair styling routine by blow drying and curling my hair with a wand to get soft, beachy waves.

My last step is always to add some texture and make the curls a little messy. I like to use Pantene’s Air Spray, mostly on the top of my hair, and lift the roots a little bit to add some volume. This also has an anti-frizz control in it and it’s alcohol free, so my hair always feels moisturized and shiny after using it.

I love the feeling after getting a fresh trim or haircut when you’re hair feels so healthy, and this is exactly how this haircare routine makes me feel. Not only does it help reduce signs of damage, but it also prevents further damage. It’s a complete refresh, and I hope this helps you protect and repair your hair from winter to summer!

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