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My Favorite Self-Tanner: Loving Tan

best self tanner - loving tan

I’ve had a lot of emails, direct messages, and questions on the blog/instagram asking how I stay tan during the winter. I promised all of you that I’d share my secret, so here we are! I’ll be honest, in my high school days, my friends and I used tanning beds religiously. I didn’t understand at that point in time that I, in fact, was not invincible. People talked about skin cancer but it didn’t really sink in for any of us. I guess the older you get, the more you realize these things can actually happen to you, or loved ones, and they happen a lot more frequently than you think. So, I ditched the tanning bed (awhile ago) and have been on the hunt for the perfect self tanner to take it’s place. I’m not the kind of person that wants to look unnaturally dark in the middle of the winter, but I definitely don’t mind a good healthy looking glow for myself. I’ve tested and tried many a self tanner in my time, but my ultimate go-to right now is Loving Tan. The color never looks orange, the tan lasts about 5-7 days for me, smells amazing when you’re putting it on (definitely has a hint of self tanner after a few hours but nothing compared to most other brands), and I haven’t ever experienced streaks of any kind. I use the mousse and it dries quickly, and also hasn’t rubbed off on any clothes/bedding of mine.

best self tanner - loving tan

^ This is the Loving Tan Ultra Dark mousse. I personally found that it doesn’t get as dark as the “Dark” color, but maybe that’s just me. You leave on for about 6 hours and wash off.

best self tanner - loving tan

^ This Bronze Shimmer cream is perfect if you’re heading out the door and need a little color that adds a luminous glow, i.e. perfect for your legs!

best self tanner - loving tan ^ This is the color that I use! The Loving Tan Dark mousse. I usually workout in the morning, shower, then put it on. It’s a mousse so it dries quickly, smells amazing, and I leave it on during the day then wash it off after 6 hours or so, so I can sleep that night without thinking about it. Loving Tan also carries 2 hour express colors, which I haven’t tried yet, but it’s on this list to get! Only having to leave it on for 2 hours sounds like the dream. I can’t attest to whether it gets as dark as the other 6 hour tans like the ones I’m showing you, but if you’ve tried it and love it, make sure to leave a comment below!

best self tanner - loving tan

^ I can’t tell you how much this exfoliating glove is a necessity if you’re going to use self tanner! You’re always meant to exfoliate before you put your tan on so it comes out even on your skin, with no patches, and at the end of your tan when you want to take it off, you simply use this on your skin at the end of your shower to take it off. The black side is a harder exfoliator, while the pink side is a light exfoliator. It’s genius, and I use it all the time.

best self tanner - loving tan

^ I have to admit, in the winter since no one really sees my back, I don’t use this back applicator too often. But it does come in handy when you do need it! Maybe you’re wearing a backless dress, or you’re back shows when you go to the gym. Not sure, but it’s definitely handy to have. It folds in half for easy storage, but to use it, you just open and click it into place, put some Loving Tan mousse on it, and can magically reach all of the hard to reach areas on your back. Voilà!

best self tanner - loving tan

^ Recently a friend of mine asked if she had to get the mitt, or if she could just use her hands/a rubber glove. I know things can add up money-wise, but if there are two things I could recommend for the perfect self tan, it would be the actual Self tanner mousse and definitely the mitt! It’s the only way to get a smooth, even, non patchy or streaky tan. Period. This is the best mitt I’ve tried. Nothing leaks or get through it, so there’s no staining your hands. You can wash it. And the velvety material is what makes the mousse glide on so smoothly and evenly.

best self tanner - loving tan


^ And here’s my tan afterwards (don’t mind my insanely shiny legs, this is after I showered and put lotion on). If you’ve seen any of my pictures on Instagram recently and I look tan, you can use those as examples as well! I know sometimes I still have more specific questions when I read certain blogs and are looking to buy something, so if there are any specifics that I missed answering above, just leave a question in the comments below and I’ll make sure to answer them! Or just send me an email. Always love hearing for you ladies!

xx, Linds


Ultra Dark Mousse

Dark Mousse

2 hour express mousse

Bronze Shimmer cream

Applicator Mitt

Exfoliator Glove

Back Applicator

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  1. I’ve been eyeballni’ this and seeing it pop up everywhere! Glad you made a post on it! Do you get patchy as the tan wears off if you don’t use the exfoliating glove? Would a bathroom sponge not get the job done? I don’t mind getting it, but if I don’t have to, then I probably wont. For sure plan on getting the applicator mitt though!

    Also, lots of questions, sorry. I know this will depend on body types, but how long does one bottle last you, usually, when using consistently?

    Thanks girl!

    1. Hey lovely! I’ve noticed that that the only places I get patchy are on my knees and hands if I don’t use the glove, so I’d highly recommend it. I tried to use a loofa type thing, but it doesn’t even come close to being as good as the glove. If I use it once a week, it typically lasts me 2-3 months. It might be different depending on how much of it I use, what areas, etc, but that’s been the average. I hope that helps! xo

  2. Hi Lindsay – I’ve been looking for a good face tanner. Did you like these results? Was it streaking at all? I’ve had problems in the past with facial tanners making me break out:/

    Kelli xx
    Lovely in Gold

    1. Hi Kelli! This definitely worked, however, it looked quite blotchy while it was on and developing, so I couldn’t really go anywhere or do anything. I think I’ll be on the hunt for a non-blotchy face tanner other than this one, but it works in the meantime or if you don’t plan on going anywhere! As soon as I showered after 6 hours it looked great though. I hope that helps xx

  3. Ok dish what ur regular body lotion is that is on your legs after u self tan! So shiny and pretty!

    1. I use Shea Moisture! You can find it at target and places like that. I love it and have been using it for awhile! xx

  4. Really want to try this! I wear jeans and workout leggings daily, do you feel like there are lines from your denim/workout tights? I know I’ve seen this happen with spray tans I’ve gotten in the past.

    1. You should definitely try it! I love it. I wear jeans and workout leggings pretty much every day too, and I haven’t had any lines from them! xx

  5. I’ve been wanting to try this self tanner for a long time and now I feel like I know more about it! Do you use this on your face too, or do you have a separate product for that?

    1. Hi love! So the Loving Tan website says to mix the mousse with your face lotion and you can use it on your face. I tried it and it was a bit blotchy at first, but it ended up evening out and looked great. It also didn’t make me break out or anything, so that’s a plus! I hope that helps xx