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How tall are you?


How did you and Dylan meet?

Dylan and I met through mutual friends in NYC.

Where do you live?

We moved to Southern California in August 2018. Before that, we lived in NYC for 6 years, then moved to upstate New York in the Hudson Valley to renovate a house before our move to California.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Why did you move from NYC to California?

California is where a lot of the people we work with are based, so it was mostly for work reasons.

Do you have recommendations of restaurants and places to stay in NYC?

Our favorite Hotel is the Soho Grand. Favorite restaurants include Buvette, Freeman’s, Two Hands and the Waverly Inn. 


What do you eat?

It changes every single day based on what I feel like my body needs, along with the change of seasons. I mostly practice Ayurveda, but definitely have a balance of eating healthy while also treating myself!

What’s your workout routine?

I alternate between running, yoga and HIIT workouts 6 days a week.


What are your must-have beauty products?

They’re constantly changing as I try new products, but you can checkout this post for my current favorites!

How do you do your hair?

You can find my hair tutorial here and my current favorite hair products here.

Do you use self-tanner?

Not recently, but sometimes in the winter! My favorites are explained here.


When and why did you start your blog?

I started my blog in October 2014. It originally began as an interior design blog and online home decor store while I was studying interior design in NYC.

What kind of camera and lens do you use?

I use a Canon 6D, and alternate between a 50mm lens or 24-70mm lens.

How do you edit your photos?

I use my a Lightroom preset that I created.

What is your job? Do you blog full-time?

Yes, I blog full-time. All of the collaborations I work on involve styling products, writing, location scouting, modeling, editing, photography and creative directing. There are other responsibilities that come with the job, along with being an entrepreneur, which include social media, blog posts, website design and maintenance, legal & financial responsibility, meetings with brands, travel and more.