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Lo + Sons O.M.G. Overnight Bag: The Perfect Travel Purse

lo & sons OG overnight bag, the perfect travel purse

Hi my loves! I’m so excited to share my new travel bag with all of you, and all of my must-have carry-on pieces that I travel with. I hope this helps make traveling easier, like it has for me! Links to all of the products are at the very end of the post. x

lo & sons OG overnight bag, the perfect travel purse

I don’t go anywhere without my Beats headphones! They block out so much noise, I could work from anywhere with these and use them every single day for so many different things! From listening to music while I do my morning routine, to exercising, to working on my computer without distractions, blocking out crying babies while flying (so much love for all of you moms and dads!) or listening to things in bed if dylan is sleeping. They’re so comfy! And cute.

beats solo 3 gold headphones

Bailey Nelson glasses for long flights when I need to take out my contacts.

Illesteva Sunglasses for when we land.

Eye mask to block out light while flying and get a better sleep.

Fresh lip treatment in Rosé (adds the perfect hint of color to make me look alive).

Aesop hand lotion because my hands get so dry while up in the air!

bailey nelson glasses, aesop hand lotion, illesteva sunglasses, beats solo 3 gold headphones

My favorite golden goose sneakers, especially for traveling because they’re comfortable and so easy to slip off and put back on while going through security or a long haul flight.

lo & sons OG overnight bag, the perfect travel purse

Cuyana leather travel wallet to keep all of my cards, passport, and tickets organized.

A turkish towel to use as a pillow or wrap if I get cold.

cuyana blush leather travel wallet

iPhone 7 & gold macbook to get work done while in transit!

gold apple MacBook

lo & sons OG overnight bag, the perfect travel purse

lo & sons OG overnight bag, the perfect travel purse

Okay, now onto my must-have travel bag to keep all of my pieces organized as shown above! If you were to ask any of my friends about me, I’m pretty sure they’d say “she loves organizing and making sure everything has it’s place”. And I’m totally fine with that. I don’t like to have a lot of excess pieces in my home, my wardrobe, or any part of my life. I’m of the belief that having fewer, better pieces results in a less chaotic, more organized, simple way of life. Any time I’ve traveled previously, I always hated how many random pieces I carried with me, making the whole “looking forward to traveling” experience more of a dreaded thing, just thinking about checking in, to the security line where you take so much out of your bag, to just being able to access what you need out of your bag at the airport or on the plane. Something had to change for this recent trip, so I did some heavy research and found a bag that I’m head over heels for, and I’m not sure how I ever traveled without!

I found this Lo & Sons bag called the O.M.G. overnight bag, and it’s changed the travel game for me. Here are a few, straight-to-the-point reasons why I love this bag and why you need one if you travel:

-Endless amounts of pockets for organizing each item you need in a carry on and knowing where everything is

-Quilted laptop sleeve to keep my computer safe but extremely accessible to take out at security

-Separate shoe compartment for a different pair I might need when getting off of a flight or a trip

-Front pocket with zipper for easy access to my phone, pens for filling in customs forms, and passport or hand lotion/granola bar

-Key chain to hook my keys onto so they don’t get lost or fall out of the bag when I’m taking something else out

-Fits perfectly underneath the airplane seat or overhead storage

-*FAV FEATURE: easily slips onto your carry-on suitcase handle so never again will your purse/bag spill over the side onto the floor. I simply slip the carry-on purse onto my carry on and glide it across the airport with me to my terminal. It’s genius.

After going back and forth, I finally decided on getting the O.M.G. overnight bag instead of the O.G., because the O.M.G. is the smaller (only by a little bit) version, and would force me to not overpack, resulting in a lighter bag to travel with. For me, it’s the perfect size and the most brilliant travel bag. I couldn’t recommend it enough. It has completely changed traveling for me, in the best way possible! I hope this helps you in your travels as much as it’s helped me.

xo, Linds

Lo & Sons O.M.G. Overnight Bag

Golden Goose sneakers similar here + here + here

Beats Solo 3 gold headphones

Bailey Nelson Glasses

Illesteva Sunglasses

Aesop hand lotion

Cuyana monogrammed blush leather travel wallet

Gold Apple computer

Turkish Towel/Wrap

Items I also recommend traveling with that I keep in a clear plastic travel bag and in travel size: deodorant, dry shampoo, tissues, wet wipes, gum, rollerball perfume, mascara, contact case/solution, mini lint roller, Colgate wisp toothbrushes.

Thank you to Lo & Sons for my favorite new travel bag!


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  1. I’m looking for a bag that will double as a carry-on bag and a purse while walking through Europe. Is the O.M.G. too large for a messenger purse to be used everyday for long periods of time?

    1. Hi Jess, this bag does have a shoulder strap so that you can carry it as a purse. I personally would find it too big to carry around all day, but that’s because I use a very small purse with not a lot in it when I’m walking around. I hope that helps a little? I guess it’s all based on your preference and what you consider too big. It’s very light, so it would only be heavy depending on what you put in! x

  2. Hey! Thanks for the review! I’ve been eyeing this bag for a while – quick question: does it get bulky once you put shoes in?? Is there room leftover?

    1. It doesn’t get bulky, but it definitely gets full quickly. I wish I would’ve chosen the slightly larger size actually. I hope that helps! xo

  3. I have this bag in brown and it’s gone with me all over the world!!! Love this review 🙂

    1. It’s amazing!!

  4. Hi Lindsay!

    What color interior did you get for the bag?

    1. Hi Hannah! I got grey with gold zippers 🙂 xo