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I’m so excited to finally be posting some “Fitness” content on the blog for you! In the future when there are more videos, you’ll be able to click on the categories like “Arms & Abs” and “Legs” to see all of the videos for those specific things. Or you can just scroll through all of the videos! If you try the workouts, I would LOVE to see/hear about it! Make sure to tag me on Insta @lindsaymarcella

1. Plank to Stand Repeat: 15x

2. Squat & Press: 15x

3. Dumbbell Bench Press: 15x

4. Tricep Dip: 15x

5. Lower Ab Toe Tap: 24x

6. Lemon Crusher Abs: 15x

7. Alternating Bench Abs: 15x

8. Ab Bikes: 30x

9. Straight Leg Toe Taps: 15x

10. Russian Twists: 24x

*REPEAT 4 TIMES (should be around 30-35 minutes)

*Bonus: 5-10 minutes of Tabata sprints (20 seconds sprinting, 10 seconds off, repeat)


Bra from Alo Yoga in Smoky Quartz, size XS

Leggings from Alo Yoga in Smoky Quartz, size XS

Sneakers from Nike

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