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I’ve had a few questions about what I eat, what my workout routine is, and other things related to health, fitness and wellness, so I thought it was about time to do a Q&A roundup to answer some questions!

“You said that you practice Ayurveda. What is Ayurveda, how do I find my body type/Dosha, and how do I eat for it?” The definition of Ayurveda is, “The traditional Hindu system of medicine, which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing”. I could try to explain it more myself, but I think it’s better to read different books and articles from people who have studied/practiced it more in depth. You can read an article here, or read this book here that started me on my journey of practicing a more Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle.

“What are some Ayurveda books/sites that helped you find out how to best for your body type?” Besides the website and book mentioned above, you can take online quizzes to better understand your Dosha (body/mind type). One website I recommend is here. Another way to understand more about your Dosha would be to find an Ayurvedic practitioner near you and schedule a visit!

varley white high waisted leggings


“Are there certain foods you avoid?” There are certain foods I eat in moderation, or make sure to eat at lunch because that’s when our metabolisms are the fastest and can digest food more easily. I avoid cold smoothies (kills digestive fire) and make sure they’re room temperature when I have them. It definitely took me awhile to get used to this because I used to only drink ice cold water and smoothies! In terms of avoiding food, I just make sure that I’m not eating processed food. My plates are full of healthy proteins, healthy fats, vegetables and healthy starches. Fruit as well, but I eat that on it’s own, not combined with anything else.

“How many times do you let yourself have a cheat meal? What would be your cheat meal?” I have 2 “flex” meals/desserts a week (*note: those are one-off meals, not entire days where I eat processed food – way too much inflammation in the body when you do that- I also prefer to call it “flex” instead of “cheat”). I keep healthy food and what nourishes my body at the forefront of my mind always because I want to make sure that my body is getting the nutrients that it needs, but I have no problem enjoying a great dessert or some pizza here and there.

“Do you snack throughout the day?” Snacking isn’t the best for digestion, as it typically takes 4 hours for a meal to completely digest (more on the importance of digestion and not snacking is in the book I mentioned in the beginning regarding Ayurveda). That being said, sometimes I am hungry before it’s been 4 hours, so if I snack it’s usually some type of fruit like a banana, mango, berries, apple with raw crunchy almond butter, etc.

varley white high waisted leggings

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“Where is your essential oils diffuser from?” I found it years ago on amazon when there were NO beautiful diffusers hah! Here is the link to the white ceramic one that I have, just an updated version: white ceramic essential oil diffuser

“What is your typical workout routine?” I do resistance/weight training workouts 3 days a week, Interval training and P.Volve 2 days a week, and yoga 1 day a week.

I hope you found this helpful and useful! If you have any questions, always feel free to leave a comment below, send me an email or message me on Instagram!

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varley white high waisted leggings

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