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The Hidden Truth about What’s in Your Drinking Water, How It’s Affecting Your Health, And How To Fix It

why berkey is the best at-home water filter system

I’m sure throughout the years you’ve probably heard about chemicals like chlorine and fluoride being in your tap water. Like most people, you also probably have some type of at-home water filter system where you fill up your filter with water from your faucet, let it trickle through, and you think you have pristine, clean drinking water that’s helping you cleanse and hydrate your body throughout the day. However, depending on what type of water filter system use, the former picture most likely isn’t true. And because I think this topic is just as important as making sure your food is organic and unprocessed, along with moving our bodies through exercise, I wanted to dedicate an entire blog post to the topic of what’s really in your water, and the simple one-step solution that I recommend to fixing the issue! So many people are so confused on why they just can’t seem to lose weight, or why they’re having so many health-based issues, and I think this post will help shed some light on a factor not many people consider. So let’s get into the details of what’s really in your water and how we can fix it for good…


Chlorine is used to eliminate bacteria in your water, and it does! However, while killing the bacteria in your water, it’s also killing the good-bacteria in your gut. Chlorine is used in public pools as a disinfectant, and I don’t know about you, but I would never in a million years consider drinking that water! Yet, somehow, we end up drinking it every day through our faucet water. With chlorine in your water, this can lead to leaky gut, a weakened immune system, and so many health issues. And if it’s not the water you’re drinking through a filter, then it’s getting into your body when you shower. Chlorine is more dangerous as a gas vapor (think of the steam when you shower), because the chlorine enters directly into your bloodstream through your lungs which can cause lung damage and affect your breathing. Chlorine was actually used as a chemical weapon this exact way during World War I.


Fluoride is a confirmed poison- plain and simple. The #1 call the American Association of Poison Control Centers receives on a daily basis is from parents of sick children that have eaten toothpaste with fluoride. Did you know that ingestion of even 4mg/l of fluoride in water will cause death? So, as we sip on our water daily, we are slowly poisoning our bodies by drinking chemicals like fluoride. Tap water and fluoridated toothpaste consumption has been correlated with these health conditions:

  • low thyroid
  • brittle bones
  • weakened digestion
  • hormone dysfunction
  • GERD, acid reflux
  • eczema, psoriasis
  • fertility issues
  • lowering of IQ in children
  • autism
  • mental health disorders
  • arthritis
Pharmaceutical Drugs:

Yep. It’s true. Recently, through an investigation, all municipal water supplies that were tested contained some amount of pharmaceutical drugs. A few of the most common ones found were the hormones in birth control pills, blood thinners, blood pressure medications, antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and antibiotics. And although in smaller quantities, these drugs won’t cause immediate harm, we need to be looking at the longterm effects of these drugs building up in our bodies for years and decades. That’s where the issue lies, especially if you’re not detoxing them out of your body in any way!

Sewage Water:

Yep, this is also unfortunately true. More and more drinking water is recycled sewage water. The water in your toilet goes to a treatment plant where it’s treated and “cleaned”, and then it’s put back in our oceans or back into our homes tap water. Places like San Diego are now drinking 85% recycled water.

What does this have to do with weight gain, or difficulty losing weight?

For some people, they’re eating healthy and exercising, but they just cannot seem to lose the weight they want to and can’t understand why, especially with how much effort they’re putting in. There are many things that could be a factor, however, the information I’m about to share is a lot of times overlooked when talking about weight. Think about it this way… for your entire life you’ve probably been drinking water from the faucet, and also probably using some sort of pitcher filter to clean it. However, many of the pitcher filter options don’t remove a lot of the toxins in your water. So for YEARS your body has been building up toxins and it just can’t keep up with cleaning them out after awhile. You’re getting bombarded from every angle, whether it’s pesticides in your food, the above mentioned toxins in your water, the environment, etc. So what happens? Your blood tries to push the toxins through your skin OR stores them some place in your body. One of the places our bodies prefer to store harmful toxins is in our fat cells. Basically, our bodies are trying to keep us safe from these “invaders” (toxins) so they quickly move them to a “safe place” in our fat tissue to shield us from them. And as amazing as this is (thank you body for trying to keep me safe), in the long run, well… we get fat. Literally, the fat tissue begins to swell from the overload of toxins because our liver and body cannot keep up with cleaning so many of them out. So, one of the side effects of the toxic overload happening inside is weight gain – also known as toxic fat or toxic water weight. There are a host of health issues that stem from this, but I’ll keep it to weight gain or difficulty losing weight for now. I’m sure you can imagine how the toxic buildup can play a role in many health issues and diseases.

So, what’s the solution?

Thankfully, I found the company Berkey. Here are a few reasons why they are my (and many other holistic health practitioners) top at-home recommendation for the purest water…

  1. Their filters remove hundreds of contaminants from bacteria and parasites, to heavy metals like lead and mercury, VOCs and toxic chemicals like benzene, chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs and more, to levels higher than 99.99%.
  2. The fluoride/arsenic filters also remove 95% of fluoride and arsenic in the tap water that is filtered through.
  3. It doesn’t need electricity or water pressure, so you can take it with you when you travel. You simply pour water into the top compartment, and it filters through to the bottom.
  4. You can even filter water like pond or lake water. It’s that good.
  5. Although it’s initially more expensive than something like a Brita, you’re actually saving money (and your health) in the long run because the two black filter inside only need changed every 10-11 years!
  6. Berkey Filters are used to purify non-drinkable water in third world countries by organizations like UNICEF, the Peace Corps, the Red Cross and more.

They have a bunch of different size options, but I opted for the travel size. It’s perfect for our home and what we need. It stays on our counter top in the kitchen for easy access to truly clean water. The fluoride filters are an add-on, and should be changed every year, but are 100% worth it given the above information. They also have shower filter systems to add to your shower head to make sure all the water being used in your household is as pure and clean as possible.

I hope that you found this post helpful! And if you did, feel free to email it and pass it along to anyone else you think it might help! Knowledge is power, and the more people know about what’s really happening and what they can do to take back their health, the better!

why berkey is the best at-home water filter system



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