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White on White

all white bedroom - www.lindsaymarcella.com

If you follow me on Instagram (@lindsaymarcella) you’ve probably picked up that I love all white when it comes to interiors. White with rustic, reclaimed elements that add a lot of texture to a room making it super cozy. So here’s a little all white bedroom inspiration with links below to where I bought it all!

all white bedroom - www.lindsaymarcella.com

Restoration Hardware White Belgian Linen Duvet Cover

Anthropologie Large Tassel Throw Blanket (similar here)

Anthropologie Copper Wire String Lights

Reclaimed barn wood headboard- made by my husband (check Pinterest for other people’s DIY headboard ideas & how to make)

West Elm Light Sconce

West Elm Light Hardware (cord + globe bulb)



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  2. Did you use a box spring for the mattress?

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  4. I know you did this headboard a long while back but did you use normal reclaimed barn wood or had it white washed?

    1. Hey Megan,
      We bought this reclaimed wood exactly like this. It already had the chipped paint on it and was grey. I hope that helps! x

      1. Thank you so much! Just one more question, when making this headboard did you just do a wall of it so the wood is from top to bottom or did you attach two planks of wood vertically to have the headboard stand up

        1. There are two pieces of wood on the back holding it all together xx

  5. hello!! i love your post so much, I recreated your headboard and I was wondering if you could tell me what finish your husband used on the wood? I’ve tried a couple finishes and they all turn the wood a darker color than it was before. Thank you so much!!!

    1. Hi Olivia! So happy you recreated the headboard! This wood is actually reclaimed barn wood that we sourced from a local store that tears down old barns to use the wood. We didn’t put anything on the wood, we just picked it out of the pile looking like this. Unfortunately, I don’t have anywhere that I can direct you to for help, I’m so sorry! I couldn’t get the look I was wanting with the original headboard we made, so we bought the reclaimed wood and we made a new one (this one). Let me know if you have any questions! xo

      1. thank you so so much!! you’re so sweet & that’s okay i’ll keep looking :)))

  6. Do you have any pictures of the whole headboard, I love it and am looking to make one similar?

    1. Any photos I have would be in the “interiors” section of my blog! xoxo

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  8. Hi !

    What is the paint color you used in the walls ? It’s amazing !

    1. Hi Maria! Ahh I honestly don’t remember, it was so long ago!! So sorry 🙁

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  10. How did you make your headboard can you Emil me how to? My email is thofroelic@gmail

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  12. What type of bed frame do you have? And how many hooks did you use to hang the headboard? I absolutely love the whole look!

  13. Hi Lindsay! I am searching all over your page for your previous wood headboard DIY that was posted in the past and I can’t find it anywhere! I loved the thick wood, if you took down the blog post can you please give me insight on the board dimension and how you got that beautiful color? Thank you!! : )

  14. Hi Lindsay!

    I was wondering what the name of your dressers were from Ikea? Also, the hardware on them where did you get them? They are GORGEOUS! Love your style!



    1. Hi Kellie! Thank you so much! I tried to find the same dressers at Ikea to let you know but they no longer have them 🙁 so sorry! However, the hardware I bought at Anthropologie and I’m pretty sure they still have them xoxo

  15. Hi, I love this look and I am trying not to re create it! Do you know and stores that have something like the headboard?

    1. Didn’t mean to say not:)

    2. Hi Olivia! I’ve tried to find something similar in stores for other people who’ve asked and haven’t had any luck! Etsy might have something similar though since those are handmade? I hope you find something! xoxo

  16. This is beautiful! What did you use for side tables?

    1. Hi Kimberly! They’re dressers from Ikea 🙂 xo

  17. Hello Lindsay! I too am trying to build a similar headboard, and was wondering if you could share a few insights. I saw that you detailed how to build it, but how did you get the wood to look stressed/whitewashed? Did you find it like that from the reclaimed wood place or did you stress it yourself. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Catherine! So fun, I’m glad you’re trying it too. The wood came like that. It’s old barn wood so we didn’t touch it with anything. If you go to a reclaimed wood place near you and ask for grey/whitewashed barn wood I’m sure they have some options! I hope that helps xoxo

    2. Hi Lindsday!
      I am also very much in love with your head board. If it is at alo possible can you tell me what you need to make this and what the dimensions are? Thank you so much

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  20. Hi Lindsay,

    I love your style!!! I am also trying to replicate your bed and headboard!! 😉

    Did you also buy the restoration hardware linen pillow cases and shams?

    Thank you so much!!

    1. Hi Meggie,
      Thank you for the sweet words! You totally should 🙂 I already had pillow cases and shams from homegoods or something, so I didn’t buy the ones from resto, but I’m planning on it to complete the look! You might get there before I do xx

  21. Beautiful room! Could you share the paint color?

    1. Thanks Lauren! It’s Benjamin Moore “Decorator’s White”. Hope that helps! xo

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  25. Awesome! Thank you so much for the help! Much appreciated!!! I’ll send a picture your way when it all comes together! Thanks again! <3

  26. Hi Lindsay!

    Your bed is absolutely beautiful! I’m trying to recreate your headboard. (And if I’m being honest the whole look! Already ordered the lights from Anthro and a white linen duvet cover from pottery barn????) Any chance you could share details on how you guys made the headboard? Would love to know as much as you have time to share!! Or at least the depth of the boards you used. I really like how they are not “chunky” or thick looking if that makes sense.

    Thank you!


    1. Hi Alicia! Haha that’s amazing. I love it. The depth of the boards are about 1/2″. We wanted it to be light enough to hang on the wall. We went to a reclaimed wood place near us (I’m sure you have one too) and sorted through options till we found the right ones. The pieces are held together with just two pieces of pine in the back. The reclaimed wood lays horizontally, and the pine planks lay vertically then we just drilled in screws. Attached hooks onto the pine and hung it on the wall! I hope that helps! xx