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My Go-To Luggage Brand: Away Travel

away travel luggage

Ahhh, I’m so excited to share my new luggage with all of you! I’m hoping it helps when you’re traveling, or planning your next adventure, like it’s helped me. There’s nothing better than feeling organized and orderly when you’re traveling. I love having pieces that have multiple functions to minimize the amount of things I have to travel with, which makes life a million times easier and stress-free. We knew what we were looking for in luggage, and found all the missing pieces with these AWAY suitcases and carry-on!

away travel luggage

Some of my favorite aspects of AWAY travel luggage:

  1. Every piece of luggage has 4 wheels. I know some of you might be thinking “and?” but this is a huge factor when you’re thinking of buying travel luggage. Instead of dragging your heavy suitcase and carry-on behind you and breaking a sweat even before getting to the check-in counter, with 4 wheels you simply just glide your luggage right beside you. No dragging or sweating. Just easy travel. I like to put my AWAY suitcases back to back with both of the handles touching so I can push them beside me at the same time. The luxury!
  2. My carry-on and suitcases from AWAY are hard tops with unbreakable shells, so there’s no material ripping, and are insanely durable. They’re also scratch-resistant which is an amazing bonus.
  3. The interior compartments are perfection. One side has a zippered closure for pieces that you don’t want flying around (I put my shoes and hats in there), and the other side is open, but has a compression piece that you put over top of the clothes you’ve packed so it pushed the clothes down to allow for more room. That’s where I packed my tops and bottoms. The compression piece also has a compartment that is zippered so you can pack books in there and they won’t get ruined!
  4. My favorite thing about my new carry-on: it has a charger inside of it (!!!) so all of my tech pieces (phone, computer, etc) will never die again while I’m traveling or at the airport! The charger inside the carry-on (shown below) comes with a plug that just connects to the carry-on/wall outlet, and can charge my phone up to 5 times. Ah-ma-zing!
  5. The price point is crazy good for the quality of luggage you’re buying. Their suitcases are made with the same top-quality materials as other premium luggage brands, but don’t need to price their products as expensive because it doesn’t go through any other retailers.

away travel luggage

I hope this helps some of you if you’re planning your next adventure and are looking for luggage! I couldn’t be happier with my new travel pieces. This trip to Sydney truly and honestly was the most stress-free travel I’ve ever had, and I believe it comes down to investing in well-functioning pieces you can travel with that get you to where you’re going without any hassle. Here’s to your next adventure! xx



Away Large Suitcase

Away Medium Suitcase

The Bigger Carry-on with Charger

A million thanks to AWAY for my beautiful new luggage!


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