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holiday loungewear

Let’s be honest, even if you do get dressed up for thanksgiving, there’s a good chance you’re going to be changing into something a little bit, shall we say, roomier? Especially as the food coma sets in and all of the Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales start going live. I recently went all out on new loungewear and there’s not one part of me that regrets it! I feel like loungewear is what I spend half of my time in these days, so I highly recommend getting some cute comfies to lounge around in while online shopping and beyond. All 11 pieces that I bought recently, from lounge pants to sweatshirts are linked below, along with a few other options I’m loving. A lot of them are from Revolve which offers free 2 day shipping and will get to you in time for Thanksgiving! So, here’s a roundup of my favorite loungewear at the moment to get comfy in for Thanksgiving weekend!

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