Success Stories

from the LM Method


"For the first time after having 4 children, I'm starting to get my abs back, which I never thought would be possible!"

- Joy Hayes, Illinois, Graphic Designer, Mom of 4

Joy Hayes


“After starting your weight loss plan I don’t even desire chocolate or bread anymore! I know it usually takes longer for that to be the case, but I truly don’t! I love the way I feel SO much after eating according to your plan. I’ve never committed to something and learned so much. Your program is wonderful. Thank you Lindsay for all of your heart and soul and knowledge you poured into The LM Method!”
- Michelle, Pennsylvania, Mom of 2


“I'm super picky about workout programs and I LOVE The LM Method! All of Lindsay's workouts are so challenging in the best way, and not in a ‘I never want to do this again’ way.”
- Katie, Georgia, Board Certified Physician Assistant


"I started the program yesterday and feel like I conquered the world! So excited to continue today and the rest of the week. What I love most is how simple and convenient it is!"
- Mariana, Ontario, Canada


“I just signed up and the program is SO INSANELY GOOD! I'm so thankful I don't have to think about what I'm going to do each day and if I'm targeting all muscles. Very thankful and excited to continue to use your program! It's also making me sweat / feel sore the next day, which is the best feeling!”
- Natalie


“I honestly LOVE the workouts! I've never been more consistent with a workout before. I do 5 days a week of The LM Method and look forward to the workouts. I've also noticed the difference in my body.. more definition & tone, especially in my legs, which has been tough for me in the past. Thank you!!!"
- Amee, New York, Architect & Designer, Mom of 2


- Chelsea Owens

"I love The LM Method! I never stick with a workout and this is something that I've really been able to implement into my schedule."
- Chelsea, Florida, Photographer

- Jamie Hadaway

"I love the workouts! A lot of the ones I've done in the past set you up for injury or are too intense. Lindsay's- I absolutely love! They're well-rounded and get all parts of your body, especially the smaller stabilizing muscles that are so important and people neglect!"
- Jamie, Licensed Physical Therapist

- Marissa Dodd

"Between the workouts, meal plans and recipes, The LM Method is so different than other programs. I look forward to getting up in the morning and doing my workouts because they're so fun and effective!"
- Marissa, Pennsylvania, Small Business Owner



"I have run the gamut of at-home workouts... from intense, structured programs to nothing at all.
The LM Method has been the perfect balance for me. I finally found my soul-mate program!"
- Jaclyn, New York, Mom of 2


“I'm LOVING The LM Method. I love how the workouts target my body in every area. I’m finally turning into the best version of myself. THANK YOU! I already lost about 11 pounds and feel incredible. I was really worried that my arms would bulk up from lifting weights, but they haven’t! They've just become more slim and toned. I can’t believe the progress I’ve made. I look and feel like a different person! Thank you for making it easy to feel amazing, get healthier, and actually enjoy working out!”

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